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(Left to Right- Elisha Gilmore/Matthew Gilmore/Stephen Davis)

Request a DVD or Audio CD of any of our recorded services.  We will be updating current sermons & you will be able to view them.  

For all inquires or questions please send emails to Stephen Davis/ Elisha Gilmore to & the Command Center will get back to you promptly. 

Please Click Play to Watch our latest service from Altamonte Springs Church. 

Altamonte Springs Church Divine Worship 7/14/18

Previous Church Services

6/23/2018  Church Worship Service 
6/16/2018  "Fatherhood- WHere Does It Come From"  Kelvin Robinson
6/9/2018  Divine Worship
5/26/2018  "Hungry and Thirsty" 
5/19/2018  "Listen" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer 
5/12/2018  Church Service 
5/5/2018  Pathfinder Day Service
4/21/2018  "Get in the Water" Rodney McFadden
4/14/2018  "You Are the Man" Loammi Richardson​
4/7/2018  "Fear Factor" Pastor Emilio Navarro
3/31/2018  Message In Word : Pastor Robert Hines 
3/24/2018  Ready Series 
3/24/2018  Communion Service 
3/18/2018  "Ready" Evengelistic Meetins" (Sun)
3/17/2018 "Ready" Evangelistic Meeting
3/17/2018 "Stand in teh Gap" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
3/10/2018 "Symbols, Memories and Monuments . . . the Landscape of Our Lives” Elder ALbert Ellis
3/3/2018  "Ready" Elder Robert Hines
2/24/2018  "Look Up" Rodney McFadden
2/17/2018  "Alternative Facts" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
2/10/2018  "How to Do the Impossible" Loammi Richardson
1/27/2018  "Overcoming Religious Intolerance" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
1/20/2018  "Christ Our Righteouness" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
1/13/2018   "Victory in Jesus"  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
1/12/2018  Oak Wood University Aeolians Concert 
12/30/2017  "Jesus and Judas" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
12/23/2017 Christmas Day Service
11/18/2017  Special Thanksgiving Service 
11/11/2017  International Day Service 
10/28/2017  “Preparing Families for Now and Eternity” Elder Moses Brown
10/21/2017  “Heralds of the Reformation: Calvin & Zwingli" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer​
10/7/2017  'Heralds of the Reformation: Wycliffe" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
8/26/2017  "You Are What You Think" Elder Alex Schlusser ​
8/18/2017  "The Unexpected Response" Pastor Luis Reyes
8/12/2017  "The Spiritual Side of Health" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
8/5/2017  "Is Your Light Shining" Dr. Annie Perez ​
7/29/2017  "Deliverance from the Sanctuary" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer 
7/22/2017  Dr. Moses Brown "In It to Win It" 
7/15/2017 "Almost Christian: LevelUp!!" Gavin Gaynair
7/8/2017  "Giving God His Favorite Gift" Elder Conrad Duncan 
7/1/2017  "The Power of God's Love" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer 
6/24/2017 Dr. Ruby Lathon: “Principles of Optimal Physical & Spiritual Health” ​
6/17/2017  "Fathers Day Special Service" 
5/13/2017  "The Power of Your Perfume" Yvette Willis 
4/15/17  Special Easter Program ​
4/8/2017  "Once A Pathfinder, ALways A Pathfinder" Cameron Dee 
3/4/17  "Joseph & Judah" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer ​
2/25/17  Pastor Jonathan Johnson "Ethnic Economics and Our Christian Responsibility" ​
2/18/17 "Alternative Facts" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer ​
2/11/2017  "United We Stand" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer ​
1/28/2017  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer "The Biblical Roots of Freedom ​
1/21/2017  "The Father Quest" Stephen Arrington ​
1/14/2014  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer "The Living Temple" 
1/7/2017  "From Chaos to Hope" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer 
12/31-2016  Communion Service ​
12/31/2016  "It Is Finished"- Pastor Dan Schiffbauer 
12/24/2016  Message in Word- Marc Doley 
12/17/2016 Pastor Dan Schiffbauer- " Called by Name"   
12/10/2016  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer "The Righteous Ruler" 
11/26/2016  "My Testimony" Eric Camarillo 
11/19/2016  Thanksgiving Day Service 
11/12/2016  International Day : "Thanks, But No Thanks" Willie Ramos ​
11/5/2016  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer: "Where's Jesus" 
10/29/2016 Pastor Dan Schiffbauer "Parables of the Coming Buried Tredsure"   
10/22/16  Message in Word: Elder Emile Maxi 
10/15/2016  “Parables of the Coming; Give Me Oil in My Lamp” Pastor Dan Schiffbauer ​
9/10/2016  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer "Survival Guide for the Last Days"
9/3/2016  "Sabbath Praise"  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
8/27/2016  "Blessed to Be a Blessing" Pastor LuisR Reyes
8/20/2016  "Life in the Spirit" - Part 2 Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
8/13/2016  "Life in the Spirit" Part 1 Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
8/6/2016  "Waiting for Something to Change" Dr Faith-Ann McGarrell 
7/30/2016  "The Power of 40" - Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
7/23/2016  My Life Matters - Lo-Ammi Richardson
7/16/2016  "Lights, Camera, Action" - Pastor Sam Paschal
7/9/2016  "Mission and Message"  Josie Oates
7/2/2016  "Does it Pay to Be a Christian?" Pastor Dan Aldridge
6/25/2016  "Who's My Neighbor?" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
6/18/2016 Fathers Day Service
6/11/2016  "From Prison to Palace"  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
6/4/2016  "Reconciled" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer"
5/28/2016  "If My People"  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
5/21/2016  "True Success" Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
5/14/2016  "Lost and Found" Sajay Deonarain
5/7/2016  Mother's Day Service
4/23/2016  Men's Ministry Day
4/16/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
4/9/2016  Worship Service:  Pastor Ron Bentzinger
4/2/2016  Spanish Ministries Concert
4/2/2016  Pathfinder Day
3/26/2016  Communion Service- Pastor Ron Bentzinger
3/19/2016 Worship Service:  Elder Tim Goff
3/12/2016  Worship Service: Dr. Calvin Taylor
3/5/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
2/27/2016 Special Service- Deacon & Deaconess Day
2/20/2016  Worship Service:  Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
2/6/2016  Worship Service: "Faithful"  Elisa Rahming
1/30/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
1/23/2016 Worship Service: Education Day: Chris Juhl, Flec Principal
1/16/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
1/9/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
1/2/2016  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
12/19/2015 Christmas Day Program
12/12/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
12/5/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D Min
11/28/2015 Worship Service Thanks Giving Service
11/21/2015  Worship Service: Youth Day Eric Camarillo
11/14/2015  Worship Service: International Day Service
11/7/2015   Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffauer, D. Min
10/31/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D. Min
10/17/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D. Min
10/10/2015 Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D. Min
10/3/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D. Min
9/19/2015  Worship Service: Pastor Dan Schiffbauer, D. Min
9/12/2015  Worship Service: Elder Albert Ellis  
9/5/2015  Worship Service: Elder Albert Ellis 
8/29/2015 Worship Service: Elder Albert Ellis
8/22/2015 Worship Service: Elder Albert Ellis
8/15/2015 Worship Service: Elder Albert M Ellis
8/8/2015  Worship Service: Elder Albert M Ellis

8/1/2015  Worship Service: Divine Worship
7/25/2015 Worship Service: Elder Albert M. Ellis
7/18/2015 Worship Service: Youth Day

7/11/2015 Worship Service: Vladimir Jean-Pierre
7/4/2015 4th of July Service: Elder Albert M. Ellis
6/27/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service- Elder Albert M. Ellis
6/20/2015 Benefit Concert for Mike Griffiths
6/20/2015 Worship Service: Guest Speaker Elder Richard O'Ffill

6/13/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service
6/6/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service
5/30/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service

5/23/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service
5/16/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service
5/9/2015   Worship Service: Divine Service
5/2/2015   Worship Service: Divine Service
4/18/2015 Worship Service: Divine Service 
4/11/2015 Worship Service: FLEC Bell Choir
4/4/2015  Worship Service: Easter Service (Muscicians)
3/28/2015 Communion Service- Pastor Dan Schiffbauer
3/21/2015 Pastor E Monnier
3/14/2015 Pathfinder Day- Guest Speaker Lo-Ammi Richardson
3/7/2015   Altamonte Springs Divine Worship Service - Pastor Dan Schiffbauer

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